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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 13, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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will always ♪ ♪ love you >> a special tribute as musicians, family and friends honor the late whit thee houston at the grammies. i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. officials in los angeles say with the autopsy of whitney houston completed, her family should be able to collect her body and make funeral plans. the 48-year-old was found unresponsive in her beverly hills hotel late yesterday afternoon. this is video of her last performance early friday morning when she joined kelly price on stage at club true in los angeles. the l.a. coroner's office made
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the announcement. >> the autopsy on ms. whitney houston was concluded today. there will be no cause of death at this time because it is pending toxicology. that could take up to six to eight weeks. >> although houston was found in the bathtub in her hotel suite, they are not sure if she died of natural causes. tonight's grammy awards featured a tribute sung by one of her greatest admirerrers. jennifer hudson. >> ♪ and i ♪ will always love you >> the audience was asked for a moment of silence and several presenters and performers mentioned houston in their remarks. the bay area has a special connection to whitney houston. she recorded several hits at a studio in san rafael. >> lilian kim talked with her grammy award-winning producer, and she is here with thoughts
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on the legendary singer. jay he has owned and operated the studio for 26 years. he worked with, in his words, all of the diva, aretha franklin, mariah carey and of course, whitney houston who he calls his friend. >> this was her microphone. it captures her power and not distort. >> he says it was in his san rave san rafael studio she recorded some of her most famous songs "how will i know" was their first project and he was blown away. >> i thought, things are going to go,. ♪ there's a boy ♪ i know power. you say, what the hell? she comes back and listens to it, very cool, very confident, diva. >> ♪ i get so emotional baby >> like everyone else he was shocked to hear about houston's death. in addition to "how will i
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know" hits included" i wanna dance with somebody," "so emotional" and" where do broken hearts go." her confidence is what made her so easy to work with. >> whitney would love the sound of her voice. it makes it easy to make a smash. you are not trying to psychologically deal with somebody and help them with how they sound. she loved what came out of her body. >> he won a grammy for producing "i'm every woman" from the" bodyguard" soundtrack. >> ♪ give me one moment in time ♪ >> his personal favorite was "one moments in time" and believes it was one of her best vocals. he is imrful for having -- grateful for having to have worked with her. >> for all of us still on the earth to rejoice in her music and rejoice in her offerings. there will be no one else ever like her, ever.
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>> waldon last saw houston this time last year. he has yet to hear about when her memorial will be. he says he would like to attend. ama? >> lilian, thank you. many people downloaded her albums since she died and others shopped the old-fashioned way at record stores. >> just realizing the magic of her music. when somebody dies you realize what they were, and you want to be a part of that. >> san francisco's ameoba records says its supply of houston records has been cleaned out. her greatest hits is one of the top selling collections on itunes. and the sales would rank her in the top 20 on the billboard collection this week. fans are reacting on-line to the death of whitney houston. on facebook karen said "her songs are so memorable like she will always be." angela says "may your heavenly voice live on forever."
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for the latest updates go to athens, greece erupted into violence and burning buildings after a tough new economic measure to avoid bankruptcy. at least 45 businesses were set on fire with 55 protesters hospitalized and 50 police officers injured in the rioting. the austerity measures will cut one in five civil service jobs and reduce the minimum wage by a fifth. greece needed to show its commitment to stabilized the economy before it could receive $170 billion bailout. the arab league is calling for the u.n security council to create a joint peace keeping force for sear you. the -- syria. they are calling for an immediate cease-fire, and today even al-qaeda called for the ouster of president uh shad. ashad. they will meet to try to find the solution to the nearly year old conflict in syria.
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back in california there is a budget battle brewing. governor brown wants to cut $23 million by revealing the law that would give lest time. what they mean for pet owners. >> they are showing their claws to save the lives of their animals. san francisco animal care and control says the local financial support means they can house the animals longer no matter what other governors do. but they may be forced to euthanize the stray animals after 72 hours. san francisco animal care and control already operates on a shoe string budget. now a law that funded their ability to house these animals for an extra two to three days is on the chopping block. >> animals are part of our family. if i were to lose my animal i would not find it within the 72 hours, it would be devastating. >> she is the director of the san francisco animal care and control. governor brown is promoting to
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repeal the law that has funded animal shelters in the state so they could house stray or surrendered animals before possibly euthanize them of the the plan cuts about $23 million from a $9.2 billion state deficit. >> it is more of a policy decision. the state mandate has been suspended since 2009, and it is not costing any money to the state. >> the governor wants to make sure the law is not reinstated there by allowing them to make millions of dollars in claims. >> he is fighting for survival. this is part of his youtube appeal. g owner.nor, i see you are a i can tell you love the dog. your wife loves that dog. so stop and think. thousands of dogs and cats are put to death needlessly every year. it is not a budget issue. >> an analyst says a review of the law found the law only increased the number of animals it chose from and it
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did not increase adoptions. it requires all shelters to hold small animals like rabbits and hamsters three days. if repelled, they could be killed right away. >> we plan to continue doing what we have been doing for many years and holding animals as long as we can so owners might find them and have the best chances of having their lives saved. >> the animal shelter cuts proposed $92.5 billion. it would eliminate the reimbursable amendments. thomas roman. >> thank you, thomas. a tree crashed in the oakland hills. amazingly, no one in the cars -- or everyone in the cars escaped being hurt when the tree landed on northbound highway 13. it happened near lincoln avenue near 7:40. the right lane remains closed. highway patrol, cal trans and the crew are trying to clean up the mess. another accident in concord has killed at least one person. just before 4:00 this
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afternoon a car plunged off highway 242 on to highway 4. a woman was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead on the scene. traffic was backed up for a few hours until chp cleared it. coming up, the search for victims of a serial killer. what they unearthed in an abandoned well. >> the young girl who was saved in one of the worst winters in europe in decades. >> and at 11:30, the one thing you can do to help improve your memory for life. >> hi, i'm leigh glaser. we have rain moving across the bay area. the wind is going to pick up as well out of the southwest with gusts clos 20 miles per hour. rain for your monday morning
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a convicted murderer has been found in an abandoned well. it is part of the speed freak killer case. a newspaper reporter described the scene. >> they had piles, 34, i believe, small piles of dirt and you can see bones sticking out. it is a horrendous scene. there, and there was a pair of what looks like a young woman's sneakers with socks and bones coming out of them. >> the items were found deep in the well on property once owned by the family of convicted killer with --
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killer, wesley shermantine. officials are digging at a location on a map he drew in exchange for $33,000. today in vallejo, a sheriff deputy shot a man who tried to run from the law. the man took a bullet to the shoulder and was captured outside of an apartment complex. the incident began a few blocks away on pine street while deputies were serving a warrant at a residence. a man who was not being served ran from the home and then grabbed a deputy's gun in the scuffle and was shot. officers arrested him as well as the man listed on the warrant. new york city's police officers union wants the city to reveal more on the health affects of handling debris from the september 11th attacks. they are accused of dragging their feet. the association showed off this uniform and an officer
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responded to the twin towers. tests show it was covered with dangerous carcinogens. the catholic arch bishops rejected the compromise that requires the insurance companies and not employers to cover the cost of contraceptives for employees. president obama announced the revised guidelines after the catholic charities, president hoes and schools complained about being forced to pay for services the church opposes. the bishops blasted them for needless government intrusion. >> we didn't think there would be universal support. >> if this is what they are willing to do in a tough election year, imagine what he will do after an election. >> they argue the policy won't cost insurers more because providing birth control lowers the overall cost of health care in the long run. >> president obama is sending his new budget to congress. it aimes to achieve $4
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trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade. the administration says it is a balanced approach, but republicans say it repeats failed policies. the aids quilt returned to the san francisco neighborhood that was ground zero for the ep disem mick more than a -- epidemic more than a generation ago. speakers read the names of those lost to aids and hiv. it marks the first time so many pieces of the quilt are on display in the castro since the late 1990s. >> for those who were living here at the time, really it was like an avalanche. we never heard of this thing and then people were dying. absolutely every single person was affected in one way or another. you can see the aids quilt from now until february 20th from noon to 8:00 each day. a little girl miraculously
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survived after an avalanche crushed her family's home. this was in kosovo. onlookers cheered after res securers reached the five-year-old and pulled them to safety. several others died after the snow fell on the home. some areas are still unreachable . >> leigh glaser is here to look at our wet weather and where it was tonight. >> rain across the bay area. the rain is coming down. the embarcadero in san francisco, a few puddles there and you will be dodging some puddles for the early morning monday commute. you can get a sense of what i am talking about, and a band of showers continuing to move in. we are seeing some breaks here e you a little closer. you can see 101 from petaluma and novato and down to san rafael. they are picking up a little
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light rain. on the east bay rain in san leandro, hayward and over toward san ramon and for san jose points southward, morgan hill, and even santa cruz is picking up rain. you can see some of the darker greens denoting 134* moderate rain moving into the region. we will continue to have the showers overnight. we are in the 40s and a few 50s scattered about. 51 in oakland. san francisco you are at 48 degrees and 50 in san jose. so we will keep the showers overnight. it will be breezy at times. scattered showers for the early morning commute. and then these showers will wind down by tomorrow afternoon. we will get on the back sifted system and the northwesterly winds will pick up. get ready for a windy afternoon on monday. we will put in a chance of showers. there is another chance possible tuesday night and wednesday.
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here is a look at our system. you can see the back edge right here. once this moves through, we should start to see some breaks in some of this rain. we won't count out a few scattered showers here and there. but it looks like the bulk will move through 10:00 tomorrow morning. while you sleep we will just continue to see the light rain filter through. that is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a few break here's and there, but then have to deal with the wet pavement and also pockets of fog. noontime things will clear up a little more. that's when the westerly winds will kick up by late midday. if you are heading to the sierra, the sun is coming down blue canyon right now. 28 degrees and some heavy snow. close to 8 inches expected. lake level close to a foot above the 7,000 foot level.
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and the winter weather advisory is posted until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. lows tonight with the system moving in, the clouds will be with us, and we will keep most locations in the 40s. tomorrow l scattered showers, and then afternoon clearing. it will be a windy day. the temperatures will remain cool. low to mid50s across the bay area. look for 54 for santa cruz as well as salinas. itthe accu-weather seven-day forecast, it clears out monday night and tuesday and there is a slight chance of showers. thursday and friday look great. we may bring in a little more rain next weekend. happy valentine's day. >> oh yeah. shu, are you taking us golfing? >> i have no highlights. >> it is the final round of the at&t pro round. phil mickelson following tiger woods and it is his fourth title and it was clutch putts
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of the at&t pebble beach pro-am, we went back in time with the old school feeling with tiger woods and phil mickelson pairing together. it was the most beautiful and recognizable hall. it was a three-shot lead to start the day looking for his first win on the pga tour. it was a double bogey and shoots a 39 on the front. that opened the door for the two superstars, tyinger and phil. it was the approach on five and the par 3 and sticks it and birdies that one and three of his first five holes. and then the eagle has landed. that moved to five under and putting the pressure on tiger. nothing but net for birdie. tiger has a chance to gain two shots on lefty. he has a 35 footer for par. you have seen this before.
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he buries it and grits his teeth and says to tiger, i got your momentum right here. the rest of the field is trying to keep up. magnificent approach. he shoots a 5 under 67. we made a run after his terrible start. here is his t shot. on the money and finished with three straight birdies and two back with the 72. there was that stoping phil. a birdie putt on 18. he shoots an 8 under 64. 17 under for the tournament. 40th of his career. but still gave tiger some props. >> i just am appreciative of what he meant to the game of golf over the years. as i said in the past, i don't believe anybody has benefited more than myself. i am appreciative. i also am inspired playing with him. most people are. he seems to bring out the best in me. in the last four or five years
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i played some of my best golf playing with him. i really enjoy tsm. >> great week at golf. we will take a brief timeout and the warriors go the their mojo back winning four of the last six.
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well, the warriors hosting houston. two teams cut jeremy lindh, but that's a different story. they found their groove of late. a little good luck kiss from his little boy, and it worked. he threw the line to david lee who throw itself down. 15 points and 13 boards for lee. and he is up and under for the bucket. he is good. it continues with rush hour. a putt on the 13-0 run. they are up four at the break. make it 10. 33 points and great passing. reverse lay up and stuffed at 14. sweet. warriors win it 106-97.
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they have won four of their last six. college hoops and the cardinals at usc. a dish to owens for the flush. cardinals up two at the half. the second half and stanford runs away. connecting from downtown. he will finish it on the other end. he had 15. stanford wins it 59-47. their first victory in los angeles in seven years. they get their 76th straight win. cardinals down one in the first. 5* great feed -- a great feed for the lay in. ucla didn't figure it out, so let's do it again. 25 points and cardinals by five. give me some of that. off the glass plus one and stanford continues to roll 82-59 the final. to the ice, the sharks are opening a 9-game road trip and the blues on a two-man
2:31 am
advantage. oint and just like that 1-0. sharks couldn't stay out of the penalty box. they shut out the sharks and second time this year 3-0 your final. and that was your toyota sports report. we have had so much fun with pebble beach and more golf coming up in the newscast, two sudden death matches. john mackin row and get down and support the tennis players. coming up, the simple way to protect your memory. but you will have to give something up. a new study says what can make all of the difference as you age. >> and you don't have to give up taste for inexpensive chocolate. we'll show you the top goodies
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good evening. i'm ama date. >> and i'm alan wang. the autopsy is complete on whitney houston, but the cause of death is not going to be released. the 48-year-old singer was found dead on her hotel room bathtub late saturday afternoon. >> three cars were hit on highway 13. it happened near lincoln avenue. chp is trying to clean up the mess. a woman was killed after she was ejected from a car that fell off highway 242 on to highway 4. but we are still waiting to hear if anyone was in the car and the circumstances behind the accident. governor brown's proposal to cut funding. there is a simple way to protect and even i'm -- improve your memory as you age. >> if you put less on your
2:36 am
plate for dinner, you are likely to remember more for tomorrow. deborah roberts has more. >> it is one of our worst fierce, losing our memory. the early stages are clear. >> significant forgetfulness for recent events and future engagements,. misplacing and key and things like that does not count. >> there is a known link between reducing calories calories and preserving memory so mayo researchers say does extra calories consumed over the course of a day worsen memory? in their study released tonight more than a thousand volunteers aged 70 or older with no signs of alzheimer's reported what they ate and drank. the top third took in more than 2100 calories a day. the lower third, 600 to just over 1500 calories a day. the results? astonishing. >> the higher the daily caloric intake, the higher the rifnlgt gite odds of memory
2:37 am
loss doubled for people eating more feed compared to eating less. but the body doesn't have to produce as much insulin. when there is less insulin the brain cells communicate better. at a time when there is no proven medicine, we know simple lifestyle changes may of oner the best protection to hold on to what we have. abc news, new york. and it may not help your memory, but there will be lots of chocolate up for grabs. americans spend more than $700 million just on chocolate for valentine's day according to the nationalctioners. the best tasting ones are not the most expensive. >> freshly made chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped candies. what should you get your value valentine? at this godiva store, they have nothing but love for chocolate.
2:38 am
>> it tastes good, and i was in the mood for it. >> it is a perfect gift and everybody loves it. >> but this is how consumer report taste testers feel after they finished testing the chocolate. >> you feel gnaws yaited. you have a belly ache, and you don't want to eat anything for the rest of the day. >> consumer reports evaluated more than 30 boxes of gift chocolates, one of the pricest is one of the collections intense bolatine. it goes for $67 and it was not the best. >> chocolate coatings are chalky and some reminded us of soap. >> better, but still pricey, the norman love convections 25-piece signature gift box with ultra smooth chocolates and unusual fillings. it cost $40 thine and with shipping you will pay more than $60. >> the good news, our testiers testiers -- testers found chocolate. >> among them is this box of
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the convections. >> the truffles are flavorful and it is an interesting texture. >> the 36-piece chocolate for $40. especially if your valentine likes really sweet chocolates. >> that was michael finney. consumer reports says chocolates are best when eaten fresh.nly last most only last from 10 days to three weeks. that's another reason to enjoy them right away. speaking of goodies, check out this say vor re-- savory creation. they are celebrating valentine's day with heart-shaped burgers that come complete with matching cheese slices and buns. but we are not sure how healthy they are for your heart. >> whether it is chocolate or burgers, the choose is not cheapers. the americans are expected to shell out $17 billion to show their affection next week.
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that's an average of $126 per person of the the highest amount since the national retail federation started keeping track 10 years ago. the average man will spend $169, about twice what the average woman will spend. gas prices are going up. the average price jumped $.12 cents. the nationwide average is $3.65 a gallon of the the california average is $3.83 a gallon. in san francisco it is a bit more at $3.87 a gallon. ouch. coming up, abc's hot new show. we will go there. >> and two weeks from the academy awards. tonight it was the british version of the oscars. the big winner when's we return. >> and rain continues to move across the bay area. live doppler 7hd, we will look at that. wet roads right now. this is a live shot from the
2:41 am
embarcadero and san francisco. we will talk about our forecast
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brad pitt and judi dench walked the red carpet in london. the british academy film award are seen as a precursor of the oscars so let's look won. won. the black and white silent film "the artist" took best picture. meryl streep took home best actress for her performance as prime minister margaret
2:44 am
thatcher in "the iron lady." and we are two weeks away from hollywood's big night with the oscars air on abc7 of the you can get in on all of the action right now on predict the winner, watch exclusive video from the red carpet, and go back stage during the academy award show on february 26th. you can also download the exclusive oscar app for i phones and ipads. it of oners live video back stage on oscar sunday. the highly-anticipated thriller "the river" premiered and focused on the rescue crew working for a lost adventurer in the amazon. >> he stopped by and spoke with brian copeland about what it is like to be a part of the hot new show. >> you ever seen anything like that? any idea what it could be? >> before he fired me your father started to spend a lot of nights on this ship, all night by himself, no food, no
2:45 am
gear. he said don't, he is protected. >> by a gun? >> by magic. >> we welcome one of the stars to the show. this is a project that is called high concept. tell us what it is about. >> this is the first time where it is a scripted should i. a screpted show. but it has a documentary reality show feel to it. >> so the people who made paranormal activity. >> yes, they are one of the executive producers. they had the following decision on the six in the cast, who was going to be hired and play these roles. it is a wonderfully talented ensemble. there is only one in the united states.
2:46 am
eloise mumford and there are three from england and germany and i was born in honduras and the yuck little -- the young lady who plays my daughter is from mexico. >> the show is a thriller. how far in advance do you know what will happen? >> three days. >> that's it? >> and we are looking at a script going, are you kidding me? we have cockroaches that i have to deal with? centi peakeds as long as my -- centi pede is as long as my arm? it is like a ticket ride. remember disneyland with the ticket, a, b, c, e? this is an extra e ride. they made ef effort to make a mini movie every week. so with the beginning, the middle and the end, there were some fans of lost. if you missed a couple weeks you didn't know what the heck you were watching. that's not what we are.
2:47 am
this is a thriller of the ride. we are scary. you have to it with the lights off. hopefully you will fall in love with the characters and enjoy the ride up the amazon with us. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. here on abc7. meteorologist leigh glaser is here with your forecast. hi, leigh. >> we are still seeing the showers. just light showers moving across the bay area. and you can see the bay is moving right there near the golden gate bridge out toward the livermore valley area. san jose points southward. we will continue to see moisture off and on for the early morning commute tomorrow morning, and then it will taper off tomorrow afternoon. if you are flying out tomorrow morning and heading to los angeles, it will be wet there as well. l.a. 60 degrees. 61 in san diego. check out the snow for yosemite tomorrow, 38. we have the weather
2:48 am
advisory -- the winter weather advisory up for the tahoe area until 4:00. remember above the 7,000 foot level they are expecting close to a foot of snow. that's really good news. here is a look at our highs. the clearing will begin in the north bay followed by the south bay. as the system moves through, we will get into a wind shift out of the northwest, and it especially near near the coast. windy conditions there. 54 for san francisco. fremont 55. 55 for antioch. we will look at 70 -- 54 -- i wish 70. sift 4 for santa -- 54 for santa cruz. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, and it looks like we will see dry conditions on monday afternoon. tuesday looks dry. a few showers on tuesday night. and it will be nice and warmer on thursday and friday. it was an exciting finish at pebble beach. >> we will cover it you all.
2:49 am
phil mickelson won at pebble beach. sports is next.
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what a final round at the at&t pro round. it was like old school. they were hoping to chase them down for the title. 18th hole and need to say tha even need to say that. it was the most iconic hole in golf. a three-shot lead to start the day. it was a double bogey. shoots a 39 on the front. it opened the door for the two superstars. and lefty locked in from the get go. sticks it and birdies that one in three of the first five holes. then on six for eagle and tiger is getting nervous. five under after six and that puts the pressure on mr. woods. he responds with a bunker on 12.
2:53 am
he has a 35-footer for par, but you have seen him do it before and tiger brings out the best of him. lefty drop itself and there goes tiger's momentum. ricky barnes makes a charge and magnificent approach. he shoots a 5 under 67 and ends out in third place. birdie 16 and 17 after that tee shot. three straight birdies and he is in second place two back with a 72. there was no stoping phil. lefty beats tiger by 11 strokes today. finishes 17 under and his fourth win at pebble beach. 40th of his career on the pga tour. despite all of that, he gave tiger some props. >> i am a he has meant to golf. i don't believe anybody has benefited for more than what we has done from the game. i'm appreciative.
2:54 am
i am inspired playing with him. he seems to bring out the best in me. i play some of my best golf playing with him. i enjoy it. >> now to the champions tour in boca, -- boca rawen to. raton. he gets into a playoff and he needs this birdie putt. can't be short on a birdie. he can win it with his own birdie and got it. his first tournament win on the champions tour. they get out of ucla and the first win in 5.5 years. let's go down under for the l pga australian open. she came in with the one-shot lead. drops her out of the lead. second playoff hole. from 25 feet.
2:55 am
she got it. the daughter of former australian open tennis champion wins golf's australian hope her dad does a scissor kick. >> the warriors are hosting two teams he was cut by. ellis with a little good luck here from his son. looks just like him. through the line to david lee. i would say that is good. second quarter and how can monte not be in the allstar game? it continues with the rush hour. for three and final 13-0 run. warriors are up seven and he had 33. warriors with 13 three pointers. how about some passing. a reverse lay up and one. warriors win it and they have
2:56 am
won four of their last few. to college hoops and he is driving and finds owens. he knows how to put it down. second half and cardinals started running away. randal from connecting from downtown. randal with the steel. he had 15. stanford wins it 59-47. believe it or not. their first victory in seven years. up in the maple pavilion her team gets six straight wins. same two and 25 points and cardinals by five at the break. steps it up in the second. off the glass and plus one. stanford rolls 82-59 your final. a 9-game road trip and opens it up.
2:57 am
from the point. just like that and it is 2-0. he puts in and the sharks are shut out for the first time 3-0. that's your toyota sports report. great week at pebble. we speech gears for tennis all week in san jose. >> thank you, shu ?ie. that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you so much for joining us. have
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